Help, before I kill my next deal.

I did an inspection 50 year old home today. The copper supply lines had a significant amount of corrosion on them. I found one leak where the line had corroded through, and another place where the line was patched. The overall impression was the lines were starting to get thin and fail in places. Should I just say make the repair or say have the whole supply system evaluated because the lines look to be in poor condition?

Are you a plumber? If not say have the whole supply system evaluated.

Sean if you gotta ask , you don’t gotta ask.

Yeah, I know. It’s getting late, and the woman buying the hous is in her 60s. I would hate to see her have issues. Just thought I might be over reacting, but a second opinion doesnt hurt. My gut is usualy right

It is a shame that you are so damn picky, your a deal killer and you know it lol
People like you should ummmm Wait a minute i think of something. Ok i didnt think of anything I call you around 3 am with something. Write it dang it! Pondering will not help it. Next time you inspect my grannies house take it easy will you!

Just for grins, you might want to call one or two plumbers in your local area and get some of their feedback.

Here there is a large amount of Polybutylene piping, so I asked a couple of plumbers about typical re piping of an entire house. I was surprised to learn that here, an entire house can be re piped in as little as 1 day, and for less than I would have guessed.

Did you find the cause? Was there a reverse Osmosis system? Does the city use reverse Osmosis, this causes what we call pin hole leaks here. Another cause could be electrolysis. Where two different metals come into contact, about three feet away the copper lines start to corrode.

I would call the entire system out.

Did you notice what grade the pipe was Sean

Yea, what Bob said.

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Report what you observed and make recommendations based upon your experience and convictions… that is the responsibility of all inspectors who have integrity.


Color of my hair. I see it was full of wisdom and handsome in a kinda fatherly way . So you told them to replace it? wow you are tough guy.

review entire system

I would call out the needed repairs and recommend the system be further evaluated for repairs or replacement.