Help eyeing up these wire gauges

Top breaker is a 40 amp and the wires appear too small the breaker below it is a 30 amp and its questionable. The aluminum wires going to the 50 amp below it appear correct but I think are throwing me off a little with eyeing up the wire gauges directly above it. I need to get better at this. Any tips for wire gauge sizing from you guys would be great. Its an older home and the sheathing was all white. Thanks for any help with this.


The 30 amp wires for the dryer are hooked to a 40 amp breaker.

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It was my understanding that dryers are required to have a MINIMUM of a 30 amp breaker per the NEC. So the wires are 10 gauge but the breaker should be reduced to a 30? Do dryers ever require a 40?

Never say never, but in 26 years I have not seen one. Maybe a commercial dryer woul.

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I appreciate the help Randy. Thank you

Drew, you may consider getting a set of these for your tool belt.

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Good Luck!

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Thank you Joseph

Genius. Couldn’t give up my money fast enough.

Just ordered my set, these look awesome. Thanks again

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