Help with boiler age

American Standard Boiler:

Series # 7BNSE J6
Boiler # G29

CarsonDunlop indicates the last 2 digits in the series# indicates the age. The unit in question has only a single digit (6). Based on the condition alone at the time of the inspection, it is obvious the boiler is beyond its designed life. It seems reasonable to assume the boiler is from the 60’s as per CarsonDunlop.

Just curious if anyone has a Carrier book, and if so, does Carrier give any additional info as to age.

Just a guess, it is probably as old as the house. Is it oil fired? Is the cabinet green. Have a look here


Anatol -

Thanks for posting that link…very informative!

Regretably, the boiler is not oil-fired…its gas. Its color is tan .

But thanks again for you help and that link!