Help with correct term?

Can someone help me with the correct name for this ‘pipe’, connector, ?

I need to identify it correctly for a report.



Aside from “wrong”?

“Flexible drop pipe” may work. :wink:

POS :wink: or flex connector.

…or corrugated flexible drop pipe.

AAHHH Flex Connector. of course.

Yeah, I got the 'wrong’ part… 3 times over. All the sinks were like this beauty.

You should have seen the the nice electrical handy man special in the attic.

Nothing better than a POS house with no working AC, in a crappy neighborhood when its 105 deg’s outside.

Thanks Jeff and Larry. I appreciate the help!

What’s worse, a POS house in the 93 degree extra humid heat in the Southeast or a POS house in 105 degree heat with no humidity? Should have made a poll for that. :grin:

I call those Dr. Suess plumbing connectors Cheryl.:slight_smile:


Well normally I would would use a slip tube and as you all pointed out would not use this unless you wanted to call me back to clean your drains.

FYI- the term flex connector is often used on supply tubes for water going from the shut off to the faucet or dishwasher such as what you will find at the link provided. You may call this a corrugated slip tube I suppose.

This term is also used for gas connectors.

They call them things Accordian Drains 'round here.

Me, too…

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: