Help With Fedders AC Age

I can not find the age in my Preston Guide or by doing a web search for these 2 units. Anybody got an idea? I don’t see many Fedders in my area.

Fedders - Mdl C30ABD1V / SN DU21284092x

Fedders - Mdl C24ABD1V / SN CU199925075x

They look identical. Both Furnaces are made by Inter City Products and mfg in 1991.

that is all I got Dan…

Here is what i got Dan
Capacity: Last two digits of the model number indicate 1000s of Btus
Example: CF30 = 2.5 ton
Age (through 1977): Last two letters of serial number
indicate month & year beginning with September 1966
Note: I not used
A= 1966
Example: xxxxAA = September 1966, xxxxBC = October 1968

Thanks guys. Obviously FEDDERS is a little short on helping ID their product. Model Numers immediatelt told me size BUT age I couldn’t get hold of in my Carrier Blue Book; Preston Guide; or by Googling.

Ended up just telling BUYER, the age is unknown. Verify with the seller or a FEDDERS dealer.

I find a lot of package units here where the data plate is not readable.

Of course they are all on Houses more than 20 yrs old… :wink: