Help! Wood framing wet rot on stucco home with plugged weep screed and acrylic paint

20 yr old home has major wet rot. Weep sceed plugged by massive concrete patio. Window installer halted 28 window installation because 21 of 28 window frames rotten, sagging. Removed 3/4" stucco with chicken wire and exposed 2"x8" verticle supports rotten at foundation and 2"x12" horizontal wood beams entirely rotten. 3 coat stucco is only thing holding up walls of house. Help! I need inspector to identify all walls containing moisture. I need a framer to cut away stucco, support walls and replace framing. I need fair, smart help for a 20 year problem l unknowingly bought 4 years ago:(

So… you never stated where you are located (city & state).

A location would be helpful unless you’re paying per diem.