Help wording the report

Can I get some help in wording this - this is the roof over the garage… I don’t know if you can see it from these pics, but they built in a small depression in the roof next to the vertical stucco surface. I’m calling it poor design in construction. This spot is approximately 2 feet in diameter, about 12 inches deep. Water comes from the roof surface above (no gutter), an sits in this depression until it fills and spills over. I see no signs of a leak under this except some higher moisture readings in the ceiling and wall of the garage.

It looks like a dead valley, and the flashing probably won’t stop it from leaking during heavy Florida rains.

Notorious leakage area, commonly see gobs of “tar” or other Band-Aids applied to these areas.


I might say something like …

To help understand the issue this is ponding water like on a flat roof except there are tiles which are not designed for under 3/12 slope.Sitting water might as well be shooting underneath them .

May have already leaked…any signs inside that it leaked?

By seeing the picture itself i can say that the roofing is not good. You should be very careful. Else some day everything will lose. You must plan another rood for it. For a long time i have tried to company formation Dubai for managing my business. But lots of problems make me destructed from that. Hope next year i can do everything fine.

Maybe look inside if there is a leak?