Rough start as I do not seem to be able to edit my own threads.
May need to try again later today.
Also is their an easy way to format and upload photos other than what I have begun doing here.
So far I have been going to advanced and downloading thru my browser feature then transferring to URL.
Seems rather cumbersome for a forum so tell me there is a better way.
Need to get better resolution.Would like to add captions,and could use a trick or two

Hey, Robert.

It looks like you found the edit feature since your post says that it was edited.

As far as formatting and uploading pictures, pictures need to be 100 KB or less. There are many good picture resizers on the market, including one that Microsoft offers for free at its web site. Once you have the correct maximum size, simply click on that little yellow icon that has a mountain in it. Once you do that you’ll find that it’s actually quite easy.

Are you looking for better resolution and captions for use here on the Message Board, or in your reports?