Here Comes The Alt-a Crisis

Straight from the Fed’s very own statistics.


Option ARM fallout to surpass subprime mess

Something we agree on, I just checked the name on my underwear, yup It’s me all right, sooooo… it’s gotta be you.

The lighter side of the credit crisis, enjoy!

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I’m not quite as negative as Joe but there is an awful lot to flush through the system that hasn’t happened yet.

More evidence

My concern is that there will be yet more bailout bills ahead no matter who gets elected and we all know who ultimately pays the tab.

Unfortunately the politician’s need to “fix things” will only delay the needed correction.

If I ever feel upbeat for more than a minute I know how to fix it. The thing that scares me is not McCain or Obama, it is Larson and Burkeson agree. This is a historic day.:shock: :mrgreen:

Did you see this Zillow report how 45% of those buying in 2006 are now underwater?

Crunch time
Commentary: Even the best borrowers will feel the brunt of the credit crisis

By Chuck Jaffe, MarketWatch
Last update: 7:29 p.m. EDT Aug. 19, 2008
**BOSTON (MarketWatch) – Some bad news headlines hit home more than others. **

Gas prices and inflation, for example, are tough to avoid. Falling real estate prices may not be an immediate concern – assuming you are not trying to sell your property into a sinking market – but they clearly have an impact on net worth.

The credit crunch is the one area that many consumers think they can sidestep if their financial situation is not perilous. After all, the term “credit crunch” was just put into the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, defined as “a severe shortage of money or credit,” so anyone with decent credit or stable cash flow is likely to believe that credit headlines represent someone else’s problems.

Unfortunately, the same pervasive situation that made “credit crunch” a household term has also made it a household problem, in ways that many consumers don’t immediately see.

Understanding how the credit crunch affects you may help minimize its negative impact. That’s why it’s time to look at five key ways the credit crisis has changed the landscape for all consumers, and not just those feeling the financial strain of the sour economy.

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