Here's why you should pull back insulation on the rim joist.

Thought I’d share this from a recent inspection as to why you should pull back the insulation along the rim joist. I was just in the middle of telling my clients why I pull back the insulation along the rim joist when low and behold I found this hidden damage.

The wood underneath the back patio door was completely rotted out and you could see daylight to the outside. It may take some extra time to do this, but it’s worth it.

Good find. Looking below exterior doors is important.

I looks like someone patched it once already.

They need to get someone that knows how to flash it properly when it is redone.

Good find.

I didn’t have to pull back the insulation on this 1 yr. old home, the wind already had.

Good find. I can’t tell you how many rim joists I’ve repaired over the years. I have a three foot probe that I poke along the entire rim joist just for this reason.

You pull back ALL the insulation at the rim joist? You must spend about 2 hours in the crawl space.

Welcome to NE Ohio. Most houses have a full basement or are on slabs, very few crawls. People pay good money for an inspection, if I can access it, I’m going to check it. If it takes 2 hours, it takes 2 hours.

Good answer