Hey Harold J. Lowe, Happy Birthday brother!!

Sorry I didn’t have more time to talk to you in Toronto brother.
Happy belated Birthday!!
How does it feel to be 45?:stuck_out_tongue:
I wish you all the best and many more brother!!

45…I’ve got underwear that old…piece of cake…wait till 55…that’s a challenge…lol…jmo…jim

Thanks Mario!

     Just for the record; I'm 61, and loving it!

Just for the record; I’m 61, and loving it!

Thanks Harold. I was beginning to feel like the old man of the group. It’s nice to have company!

Only 55 and feeling like a young stud; thanks to all those old farts!

Then I am the baby… at 52
That is also twice my IQ
I hate being old
And so do you…

I love poetry