Hidden Termite damage in carrying beam

Many of you know that most Termite infestations are not clearly visible and are very hard and almost impossible to detect at times.

Do you think you would have detected this termite infestation?

This is a carrying beam that was cut up (to be removed from a basement)…

Note how the Termites never left the center of the beam!

Would IR have seen this?

Impossible to have seen with the beam intact David, and how sure are you that was termites.?

Would there have been signs elsewhere, and maybe a point of entry to the beam that would have been noticeable?



No, a temperature differential (Delta T) must be obtained. In this case, it would be impossible.


I’m simply showing you all how difficult Termite damage can be to detect in specific areas of a structure. Especially if the structural damage is hidden behind walls and ceilings, which in this case had to be removed to get to this infestation.

Good question! The answer is YES.

The sill was the obvious entry area and the Termites ate their way through one single floor joist and right into a main carrying beam.

Now lets get to the wood that was obviously infested and how easy it was to detect. The other end of the beam…


Wow, that was quite an infestation Dave. Were they exterminated while doing the repairs?
Just wondering where they went. :slight_smile:

Typical of carpenter ants too.

Sorry for the late reply Marcel.

I was on vacation in the Bahamas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands with my wife.

Yes, they had a treatment performed the same week.

I inspected the newer structural members, and the contractors did a fantastic job.

Welcome back David.
Hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation. :slight_smile:

It was a fantastic cruise.