High temp. setting.

If the temperature dial is set at the highest setting and the water at the fixtures is less than 120 degrees, what are the possible issues with the water heater?

New installations in Canada Require all tanks to be at 150 degrees to stop legionars disease from growing in tank.
They now put in a balancing valve above the tank so the water can not be above 120 to the appliances .

bad dip tube?

If the water heater is at it’s highest setting and the water is only 120 degrees, there’s an issue.

The majority of the water heaters that I run into (in this particular situation), are usually at or over their life expectancy (12-15 years), and I report it as so.

If the W/H is still in it’s younger years, defer this defect to a licensed Plumber.

I recently helped my neigbor with his WH. No water would come out of the drain valve because there was so much lime buildup in the tank. 6 years old and had to be replaced. Very slow recovery rate. He had never flushed the bottom of the tank by using the drain valve. OOPS!

Did you check for a temperature regulator inline somewhere?