High temperature from heating register

Home inspection today, most f the registers were showing an average of 112F. One register showed 132F. The register vent next to the this one was around 115F. What is causing the spike in temperature jump. The unit is a split system unit with a heat pump. Is this a concern. The unit was 15 years old which is at the end of it’s life in Florida.

Was the hottest vent located closest to the air handler?

No a little ways away, about 25 feet

This vent may have had the path of least resistance from the air handler and the ducts weren’t balanced well.

First of all , that tool is not a accurate way of doing it , it just confirms it is working , you would need a probe in the duct . The beam bounces around off the metal .

Not likely a heat pump on its own will reach a temp of 132 I’m guessing there was a heat strip working also. What mode did you have the stat set in and how high above set point did you raise the stat

My thoughts too. Distance and register finish will greatly throw off the reading on those things.

Was your back-up electric or gas

Backup was electric, I just was wondering if this heat jump is normal, seems to be from what I am researching.

The reason I asked is …

On electric I usually see heat temps of 90 to 110 degrees at registers

On gas I often see temps of 100 to 140 degrees at registers.

What kinda heat rise did the furnace data tag call for?

Seeing that device does not measure air temperature, I hope you don’t put that in the report…

What was the heat gain rating on the furnace/heat pump? That is what I go by when checking temperatures. I also never use a heat gun. Digital thermometer is all I use. Used to have an anemometer but it broke and never replaced it as I hardy ever used it.

Was the register material or finish than all the other ones?