Hiring inspectors in Colorado

Residential Home Inspection Area Manager For The Springs Or Fort Collins And Pueblo.

60 percent expenses paid if you are experienced!

I am looking for a home inspector with good personal skills. Someone who wants to run the branch and a crew, awhile making compensation off of the team as it builds. Great pay.

Clean Back Ground
Professional appearance

We will provide a vehicle (gas paid) after 90 days, insurance and tools. Weekly pay as an employee. All you have to do is go to work, write reports, and act professional. Once we build the area and hire more people you will make a portion of their compensation.


Nathan Fairchild

Is that who they’ll be working for? :smiley:

I’m not sure who you are but we did 35 inspections last week, and have more reviews than you. So being a smart ass is just beyond me.

Awesome, I’m proud of you. :+1:

And apparently so is a sense of humor :roll_eyes:

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We run a business. We take our occupation seriously. We are trying to expand and hire on more inspectors.