Holes in 2nd floor concrete

In 2004 I purchased a 2nd story condo unit and had much of it renovated. I don’t think the contractor that did the work did a very good job and it might be coming back to bite me as I am trying to now sell the unit. Basically, I had him replace a bathtub and put in a standing shower. The 2nd floor is separated from the 1st floor by a good 4-6inches of concrete. Since the drain is in the center of the shower, he drilled a hole through the concrete and moved the piping. I had no idea he was going to do this… but at this point it is what it is.

The problem is that I think this issue is going to come up in the home inspection when I go to sell. There are now two holes, one what the initial drain pipe was (which it looks like he made bigger) and now another where the new drain is. My question is, is this going to be a structural issue or just plumbing issue… or possibly no issue? I have taken some photos of what the piping looks like from a little access door and then the 2nd one I stuck my camera to get the view from underneath the 2nd hole.

Nobody can possibly give you an informed answer from a forum post.