Home Buyer Tax Credit Takes its Toll


Home Buyer Tax Credit Takes its Toll](http://www.cnbc.com/id/37106639)

From the article…

As the end of the home buyer tax credit neared last month, we all argued whether or not the increase in sales and the relative price stabilization could survive on their own.

The first clues indicate the answer is: No.

One full week after the tax credit’s expiration, mortgage applications fell 9.5 percent; this as mortgage interest rates dropped below 5 percent.

Sure, refis jumped](http://www.cnbc.com/id/37102641/), but that doesn’t help us much with the currently bloated inventory of homes on the market.

Another report today from ****Trulia.com](http://www.trulia.com/) ****showed home sellers losing that little bit of ground they had recently gained in pricing. The number of properties on the market as of May 1st that saw at least one price cut rose 10 percent](http://info.trulia.com/index.php?s=43&item=88).

Sellers may have thought they were at least edging toward the driver’s seat again, but not so much.

Inventories are rising, thanks to foreclosures and the new hope that Spring afforded. Pent up selling demand surfaced, and unfortunately now much of it is sitting.

From one of our own CNBC producers, Andrea Mantia:
“I’ve been househunting for a few months now…we totally got caught up in the “tax credit frenzy”…thank God we took a deep breath and relaxed…EVERY SINGLE HOME we had our eye on dropped in price this week…and this is in Bergen Co (NJ) where prices weren’t budging!”

Good April here, but my phone has not rung since last Saturday.

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April was my best month ever. May has tanked.