Home Energy Inspection Fee

I recently inquired what kind of fee inspectors are getting for a home energy inspection and was told that most inspectors are packaging the inspections and marking their fee up $20 to $50.
I am getting $200 to $300 for a home energy inspection on its own.
When combined with a home inspection I get $50 to $100 for the home energy inspection.
Once I did a home energy inspection for $250 and turned it into a $400 inspection by offering to add the home inspection for $150 that usually cost $300 a 50% discount on the home inspection.

That’s amazing.
Thanks for sharing, James.

Like James, inspectors are making money with Home Energy Reports® at http://www.nachi.org/home-energy-report.htm

James that is awesome. I think the tool is great. I have been so busy the past few months I have not had the time to really get familiar with it. It is ta top priority for me to get integrated as an ancillary service. I love all the products and tools that Ben puts together. Ben Rocks.


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Is this system working properly now?

I would love to utilize it but I remember in the past it was producing some wrong figures.

I used it on a job last year and it told my client that their heating bill would be $7000 for the year. We are in a cold region of the country but there is no way their heating bill would have been $583 a month…unless they left their windows open.

The software is considered accurate by an independent Oregon EPS study http://www.nachi.org/home-energy-inspection-program.htm#accuracy

However, because the reporting software runs on an energy calculator of the Dept of Energy, it’s actually their stats and results that are produced.

If there’s anything that seems off with the report, just email me ben@internachi.org and Tim tim@internachi.org

I produce these reports for my clients and charge $50 if they add it to an inspection. The biggest complaint that I get is the AC calculations. It keeps telling me that the cost of cooling each year is $5-$7. That is obviously not right. I even ran a few tests and dramatically changed the parameters and it didn’t change.

Another item is that a lot of houses in my are don’t have a water heater, it’s just hooked up to their hydronic heating unit, but there is nowhere on the program to change that, or to put a tankless water heater in.

Other that those items I like how it works, and people seem happy to pay the additional fee.

lol…that’s how I learned to actually read the report BEFORE sending the link to the client.

I did a 950 sq ft house last year, young single girl, probably 24 or 25. Her grandpa attended the inspection as well.

Grandpa calls me later…“What? $8000 per year to heat this little home??”

I’m pretty sure the program assumes they’re going to disconnect the gas line to the furnace, buy gasoline, and pour it into the line to feed the furnace! :|.)

I did a little “work around”, made it seem more reasonable, and sent them another.

AFTER viewing it first, of course…:smiley:

For that reason alone, I cannot possibly, in good conscience, charge a client for this service and information.

Funny. Haven’t had that a problem with the online software or the report.
Which I do review before send out.

Nick we are looking to add this service but for some reason I can’t seem to clear understand this report format. I know it probably is simple and I’m just looking into it too much. Can you help. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you may want to do a webinar on how to use the software Ben.

How can I help?
We have a quick tutorial for using the software at http://www.nachi.org/home-energy-inspection.htm. Also, I write a report in less than 4 minutes: http://youtu.be/uCsLNlTmVzM