Home Insp Agreement

OK I’m a new inspector and I am having trouble explaining paragraph #4 of the Home Inspection Agreement. Basicly it says that if I miss something and later damage to the house occurs, then they can only come back to me for the cost of the inspection. How do I explain this to a client.
JC Preece

I wouldn’t go over the agreemenet with a fine tooth comb with the client. Explain the basics of what it is, what you do and don’t inspect. Ask them to read and sign the agreement then. Most will.

It’s called a limited liability clause. Explain it as that.

Just remember to bring to the attention of your client your contract before you start the inspection. Its also a good idea to put it on your website.


It should be self explanatory. If they don’t like it, then they can shop elsewhere. They’ll likely see a limited liability clause in every contract.

I’m too busy to explain items in my contract unless they ask. They rarely do so.

My state’s licensing law forbids limiting your liability in such a manner, making the clause void. I don’t know if TN is as well. If it is applicable, just explain it as you just said to those very few that are actually interested in what the actual terms of the contract are.

I have not, to the best of my knowledge, actually been asked anything about this part of my agreement. Most read through ask a question on what happens if I find mold or something else and then sign. I let them read it after a short and I mean short overview of the agreement. Don’t get caught in the details.