Home Inspection? Gainesville

HOME INSPECTION? Gainesville & Newberry Fl
We set the standard for HOME INSPECTORS, MOLD INSPECTORS, COMMERCIAL INSPECTORS & MOLD testing / ALLERGENS testing Inspectors in the Gainesville, Newberry, Archer, Alachua and High Springs area. Distinguished by our background in Engineering, Chemistry/Biology and Residential & Commercial construction and by our extensive theoretical experience with intricacies of structural & environmental issues.

We do “NOT” participate in any Real Estate Company Vendor’s Program List" and not in “CAHOOT’s” with any REALTOR nor do we have any association with local building contractors. It is a “CONFLICT” of interest and not in favor of the client. “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get” Our client is FIRST and will always be FIRST!

One Office to Serve You:

HOME INSPECTOR USA (Home) office in Gainesville services the North Central of Florida and specifically the following cities: Gainesville, Alachua, Newberry, Archer and High Springs, and surrounding areas.

John M. Acaron/BSME/TDME
Mobile: 850-814-3889

This sounds like another inspector who hates agents, and thinks that advertising this attitude will gain customers.

Let me tell you that a majority of home buyers trust their agent, and ask them for advice for all things from lenders to inspectors, or if their offer is reasonable, etc.

By alienating agents you will be limiting your referral base. And simply from a business point of view, it costs much more to try and attract each new client rather then get a referral.

You can be ethical in your business practice even if you get a referral from an agent. In my opinion this may actually make you more diligent so that your ethics are never questioned.

**Your comments are quite out of line and misleading regarding our company way of doing business. Our forte is dealing with high end clients and successfully REAL Estate Companies. Our company COE is quite strict since our clients are always first and second to none. We provide “ONLY” professional services and does “NOT” used computerized canned report format with cartoons, symbols and hieroglyph. We have no problems in attracting clients and professional REALTORS that highly recommend our company. **

Your experience with buyers in San Diego might be somewhat different then ours in the East coast. Your competition most likely is dense since you are operating in a large city making you dependent on the REALTORS recommendations rather than clients direct. That is NOT our case. I do know San Diego very well since I basically spend many years in Camp Pendleton. Anyhow, keep doing what you are doing while we keep our business model practices intact****.****** We are very happy with our customer’s base. **

"Price is what you pay, Value is what you get" Our client is FIRST and will always be FIRST!