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The license in Alberta goes into effect Today Sept 1,2011. I have had a discussion with the licensing agents an only about 60% of Inspectors have filled out their license application.

So get your applications in asap or you may not be able to work.

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I wonder why so many have not Filled out the application .
Could it be that the Homies think the future for Home Inspectors in Alberta does not look like it is not worth the aggravation .
Has the Alberta Government made a big error .
So sad to see this happening .

This is not all bad news for inspectors who will be able to significantly raise their rates in the face of reduced competition. Consumers, however, will be getting inferior products (for the law does little to protect them) at a much higher expense.

But…hey. Just wait a while and some dude wearing earrings and swinging a hammer will come in and save the day. :smiley: Pretty soon, schools will be churning out brand new licensed home inspectors like trout farms. While little will be done to improve the product, the rates will plummet exponentially.

Licensing solves nothing.

Out of the six inspectors in my city, I am the only one with my license. I know that they are still inspecting so how much did this help?

I spoke with four AB inspectors today. Each said they heard that licensing was adopted and each thought they had a year or two to get their license… because that is usually how much time is given wherever licensing is adopted. Alberta is the exception in that they required everything so quickly, and many inspectors are shocked when they learn a license is required as of today.

If you are one of those inspectors… take the exams in two weeks here: www.nachi.org/alberta.htm


**Home inspectors scramble for certification **

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Morgan Modjeski
Today staff
Unlicensed home inspectors in Wood Buffalo are out of luck as new legislation introduced on Thursday now requires all home inspectors in the province to complete a recognized training program.
The legislation requires home inspectors to have either completed training from a approved educational institute and pass a test inspection, have a Registered Home Inspector Designation or a Certified Master of Inspector Designation in order to legally continue. Those who continue to inspect without the proper credentials could face a hefty fine up to $100,000 or up to two years in prison.
However, the massive influx of people applying for these licenses has caused lengthy waiting periods for those applying.
“They’re not doing great getting the applications in,” said Eddie Dicks, owner of Canadian Residential Inspections here in Fort McMurray.
"There are a lot of home inspectors who don’t have their licenses because of a backlog of applications that are just sitting in the system.
“They should have a few extra people there to process these applications through the system and get everything up to speed. I know several guys who don’t have their license because of the (back-log) and it’s been quite a while since they applied for it.”
Dicks also noted that some customers are weary when it comes to home inspectors now that this new legislation has been introduced, saying more than ever customers are “on edge.”
However Service Alberta says the new legislation is to protect one of the largest investments a person can make and that they’re working to ensure the transition process is a smooth one.
A spokeswoman says they have taken on extra staff to deal with the influx of applications and staff are working quickly to process them. Those who need more time to acquire the credentials can get a conditional license that is valid until March of 2013.

“We anticipated that some inspectors may have a hard time getting their ducks in a row at this point and we’ll work with them if they have made a reasonable effort to get their licensing and application in place,” said Sharon Lopatka, spokeswoman for Service Alberta.
Right now, Service Alberta is processing 107 business applications and 133 inspector applications as well. They currently have 58 licensed businesses and 70 licensed inspectors.


If inspectors have not yet heard back from Service Alberta and they have their applications in, they should phone Service Alberta. They may be able to receive their licence number over the phone if their applications are being processed.

The license in Alberta went into effect Sept 1,2011. I have had a discussion with the licensing agents and only about 50% of Inspectors have filled out their license applications.

So get your applications in asap or you may not be able to work. Also i have been told that fines for workingg un-licensed is $100,000 or up to 2 years in jail. That is what I heard if any one knows exactly please respond.

If you need the Insurance and Bond please contact me at 780-488-0100 or 780-938-7795 and I can help you through the process.

Go to: www.aquainsurance.ca to down load the applications.

I personally endorse Chuck’s program. Give him a call.

I am still the only inspector of six in the area to have my license. I know of at least one that has not even applied. I spent the money and worked my butt off to get fully licensed. They should have done the same.

Alberta Inspectors are still trying to get there licences. Upon talking with Service Alberta it seem only about 65% of all Alberta Inspectors have applied for their licence. If you havent applied and need help to meet requirements give me a call I can help you through the process.

Chuck McKenna
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