Home Inspection price question

My question is do you charge the same fee to perform a full home inspection on a occupied home with the utilities on as you would on a vacant gutted home with the utilities are off or not present (square footage are the same)?


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I always have.


Yes always charge the same.

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I have it in my online scheduler to charge $40.00 less on a house with no power. As it saves a lot of time.
you cant check the AC for function, no need to test GFCI’s or appliances, switches, lights. garage door function.


I take the gravy when I can get it. Many homes that are “normal” with all utilities on and occupied can take way extra on time and I didn’t add $40 for them.

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I always kept the same price but informed the client that a full inspection of all the utilities is not possible to inspect properly if not on or active. I had a few that rescheduled and a few that never called back.
I did not like to inspect a house with no water, or power.


My price is based on square footage and also extra buildings. If the Realestate agent fails to get either power or water on, I still perform my duties and note in my report that what service is not turned on and still look at everything. To come back is a fee. My time is valuable. This is a rarity now. But remember, the water may be on and shut off in the house. Don’t assume the realtor you have always had that trouble with has done it again. Look for main shut off and give it a try.

If you mean “turn it on”, we don’t know why it was turned off. There could be a leak behind a wall that they shut the main off for.

There is no reason that I would turn on the main water valve that is off.

I did this:


I would never EVER turn on a main water line without written permission from the owner or Real Estate agent. The liability is Huge!


These homes are often a lot of work due to deferred maintenance or other conditions which come with vacant crappy homes. Don’t sell yourself short.


I do not charge extra for thermal, its just a tool I use during inspections as needed.