Home inspection training in Independence, Missouri November 12-14, 2010.

Home Inspector Training will be held on November 12 through November 14, 2010 by the National Home Inspector Certification Training Institute at 19751 E. Valley View Parkway, Independence, MO 64057. All InterNACHI members will receive a 20% discount to attend. If you are wanting to learn ther inspection business from the ground up this is your chance. Class will be 3-12 hour days with a must pass final 4 hour exam. The exam is open book and can be taken home and mailed back or taken at the end of the class. To register for the class go to: http://www.nationalhomeinspectiontraining.com to sign up TODAY

Many places used to offer 2 or 3 day training classes. With so many states requiring home inspection licensing and mandatory hours of 60 to 100 for pre-licensing classes, I would think it would be getting harder and harder to interest people in 36 hour classes when no licensed state around us will accept that little.

Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc all require more for a license.

No business here in KC. Just what we need, more inspectors with less business.

Quit being a baby … The Ahit class over at MCCC off Front Street and I-435 this past week had 11 or 12 new ones in it.

AND the group Nick promoted here (National Home Inspector Certification Training Institute) held in the Comfort Suite Hotel at 19751 E. Valley View Parkway in Independence, MO just finished another 3 day class 2 weeks ago and had 8 people in it.

Be positive - This will help us with the heavy work load we’ve been under.

Dan, I do believe that you have been transported to somewhere else, or you need to give it up and share the wealth.

Another crash course to instantly become a bona fide home inspector.

you receive a free one-year membershipto NACHI-the largest home inspection association in the world. See NACHI.ORG for more information.

Nope. A school or vendor bundling InterNACHI’s first year’s dues into their product or service does not relieve the applicant of InterNACHI’s requirements.

Steven -

You’re probably right. I’m ok until the 6th shot of Jose Quervo chased down with Jack Daniels Black, then I loose a little concentration.