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My name is Justin Murcia. I own a home inspection business in Los Angeles, California. I am looking to hire a home inspector. If you are interested in the position or know anyone that may be interested. Please read on and contact me at your convenience.
Home Inspector Position
Inspect A Home is accepting resumes for a home inspector position. This is an opportunity to work as a home inspector and learn about the home inspection industry. The purpose of the home inspection is to inform the client on the condition of the structure. The job of the home inspector is to find deficiencies within the structure and document them in a report. The client will rely on you to help them make an intelligent decision.
Los Angeles, California and the surrounding cities, up to a 60-mile radius.
Duties/ Summary
You will travel to the location, perform the inspection, conduct a walk-through with the client, and complete the home inspection report in your home office. The inspection will include all visibly accessible areas on a non-invasive basis. You will be inspecting the grounds, exterior and interior spaces, crawlspaces, attics, roofs, plumbing systems, electrical systems, major appliances, and much more. You will need to be able to maneuver your body in tight places and work in high temperature environments. You will also need the proper tools.
You job is to adequately protect and inform the client on the condition of the structure. Therefore, you should be well versed in the construction industry and building codes. You should have versatile construction experience, education, and qualifications. Your construction experience should be a minimum of 5 years and should consist of two or more trades (foundation, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, or roofing). You will need to be a certified home inspector by one of the major home inspection associations within the country. You should have reliable transportation and a home office with internet access.
Marketing yourself is a part of the home inspection business. It is recommended that you visit various real estate offices in the area to disperse flyers and to become familiar with the realtors. All the marketing material and instructional support will be provided for you. This is not a requirement, but the more marketing that you do, the more you will grow within the industry. You will receive a higher commission for realtors/ inspections you bring in.
Education/ Qualifications
Your education and qualifications will be confirmed by the client through documentation of certificates received from educational sources, such as, home inspection associations and home inspection schools. When you achieve certificates, you will build your reputation and become more popular to additional realtors/ clients.
The schedule will be flexible but it is recommended that you be available at least 3 days a week. The more availability that you have the faster you will grow in the business. The operational hours of the business are Monday- Saturday from 8am to 5pm. The inspections are typically scheduled at 10 am and 2pm on an as needed basis, so your schedule will depend on the inspections that come into the business.
Your salary will be based on your level of experience, education, and qualifications within the construction industry. This will be a commission based-subcontractor position starting at a minimum salary of 35% to maximum 45% of the inspection fee.
Required documents/ how to apply
If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to;
Justin Murcia