Home Inspector Ethics: Why Not Pay to Be on Brokers' Lists.

Home Inspector Ethics: Why Not Pay to Be on Brokers’ Lists? - InterNACHI

So Nick, with that being said, one could also surmise that accepting “payment at closing” would be a conflict of interest. What is Mark’s take on that subject?

Why would accepting payment at closing be a conflict? I don’t understand.

Would be nice to see an article on how this industry really works, instead of another “diversion” article such as this one.

Error here BTW: “You may br absolutely right that it won’t impact your service,"

Because now you may not be considered as performing an unbiased inspection since you now have a financial interest in the purchase going to closing.
Of course that is just my opinion!

I work for the home buyer not the Real-estate companies .

That is my opinion also, as well as a multitude of other inspectors.

Pay at closing date requires you obtain the cc#…if it doesn’t close for some reason, you still have the cc# to bill them and get your $. I don’t understand why this is so hard to grasp?

Not hard to grasp! Just not my business model! I’m paid on report delivery and I’m done until the next time they need an inspection. No need to bug agents or anyone else on the progress of any transactions which in my area is not uncommon for the closing to be 2 to 3 months after the inspection.

Do you have an Ohio license to conduct Financial/Financing activities?

Sure I do, I receive and spend $ on a daily basis. :cool: