Home Inspector goes to Tallahassee to discuss Wind Mit Concerns

Some of you may or may not know, but a Fabi member, Mr. Robert Sheppard had made a couple of trips to the capital to discuss wind mitigation concerns with the insurance people. He is also planning on making a third.

I first want to say that I admire his ambition and also have great respect for Mr. Sheppard. He is cordial in person, and has been nothing but helpful to me. This post is by no means an effort to belittle him, but it could affect a source of my income, so in that respect it directly affects me.

I do however want to shine a light on the fact that he is taking this issue in his own hands and has been discussing with insurance people, issues or inaccuracies with the form itself.
He is essentially representing all of us who perform these, and depend on them as part of our income.

Since wind mitigations are a part of all home inspectors in FL, I thought that those in this organization should be made aware, in the event you had any questions.

Is he willing to share any information he has available that could effect all home inspectors, regardless of what group they belong to? What actual information does he have? Supposedly, people are upset and talk has been made about how many of the forms are not done properly or their inaccurate. Mention that these inspections could be taken away from inspectors because we are not competent.

So Mr.Sheppard, would you be willing to discuss the issue at hand with this Org, since it contains the largest majority of inspectors in the state?

I for one enjoy the added benefit of this add on inspection. Some of you almost depend on them solely for your income. If someone you don’t know is discussing these inspections and the errors with them to the companies that regulate them, shouldn’t you be aware?

I just asked Robert and he said he would not reply. Now I have people texting me about FABI and derailing the 1802. So…

Like Sean I believe Robert is a likable person but he could be the most dangerous inspector in the state.

Robert is running for FABI president and has been talking with people in Tallahassee on behalf of home inspectors. I have some serious concerns about his motives. Like many I would like to see the profession move forward, I believe that he is trying to make us all look like bumbling fools. He has even indicated that home inspectors are not qualified to fill-out the 1802 form. Here are some of my concerns derived from his blog and other sources.

He indicates that Realtors should “Absolutely not” recommend a home inspector. He also indicates that some refer work to him. So does he think he knows the only ethical realtors in the state?
He indicates that his referrals come from Lawyers/Attorneys, so they are all more ethical or any better?

From his blog: Question: Most Home Inspector advertise themselves as “master” or “certified”, what does this mean? Answer: Very little if anything at all.

We all know that designations can vary but does that mean he disagrees with the FABI membership categories including Master Professional Inspector?

In his blog he states that experience is about useless. “The illusion of a long career in a specific field that in most cases hasn’t required licensure for long means very little.” So, a new well educated home inspector is as good as in experience inspector?

He states that it is great if the inspector belongs to a Home inspector association, so if experience means nothing, joining yesterday is just as good as the last ten years.

He states it would be great to hire a contractor as your inspector. So a GC with no experience inspecting would be a good choice?
He states that warrantees and master inspectors are gimmicks.

He states that we should not use any contracts. So, we shouldn’t tell our clients what we are going to do or not going to do in a contract?

He wrote: “FABI also needs a leader with drive and ambition, one who doesn’t need others to tell him what the issues at hand are.”
So is he not going to listen to other issues from members? I guess he has all of the solutions to all of the problems.

He disagrees with most inspectors on many subjects, is he just that smarter than all of the other inspectors, including all that came before him?

I am personally insulted by him, find many of his writings and comments degrading to our profession. I think he owes the whole profession an apology.

THE O.I.R. Needs to take charge and make a SIMPLE direct form that relies on our word and not useless pictures and those that willingly commit fraud should be prosecuted.

The O.I.R. needs a staff to give direct to the point answers to any insurance person, client or inspector that has a question.

Until this take place the whole thing is a joke.


PUT ME IN CHARGE :slight_smile:

Worth repeating.

Has anybody here read that petition for a declaratory statement he wrote…WOW. If he makes president of FABI, I’ll be out as fast as I got in.

So what capacity is representing "Home Inspectors’? Is he going there saying he is representing us? If so, under what capacity?

Apparently he has been performing illegal inspections. He says that in a Condominium, we don’t check the roof, the structure or the grounds.

I don’t know who “we” are, but my company checks those items in a condominium. Why wouldn’t you? A bad roof can be an assessment soon to happen without the buyer knowing. We find so many defects that are the condo associations responsibility, but do you just ignore them?

The DBPR doesn’t approve me to do insurance inspections. Actually the OIR does, that is why it is called the OIR form, Office of Insurance Regulation. So what does the DBPR have to do with that? That form is for the profit making insurance companies, why is the DBPR even asked? I know they mention the CE, but who really cares. If you continually do them wrong, insurance companies will call you out. Why worry about a fight no one is complaining about?

He states he as like 32 years experience in construction and only 5 years being an inspector. He then says not to trust anyone about their experience, but then brags about his. So, he is the only one who says the truth? Everyone else lies but him, go figure.

He can go to Tallahassee and talk to whomever he chooses. I don’t care, just don’t tell them you represent me. He has no idea what he is doing in the profession and thinks he knows it all.

I can tell he is trying to sway things so that he looks more “qualified”. Want to prove your more qualified? Don’t worry about what others do and let the public tear them apart. Sucky people eventually fade away and get called out.

There is a booty for every seat. Some like this and some like that. How about you do your thing and if your doing it right, you can charge a premium and take their work away from them. But if you suck, the only way to get work is to pretend everyone else sucks and your the ONLY one who speaks that truth.

I love these people. 5 years experience and already he is the top notch guru on home inspections. I love his sample report. O wait, he doesn’t put one on line. Know why? He sucks. If you were Picasso would you hide your paintings and tell people to buy them at a premium?

Russell Hensel writes:

You nailed it dead on.

Robert has pointed out the inaccuracies with the form, as have others, numerous times on this forum and others.

The form itself is wrong in several areas and because of that, does not allow for consistent answers to the questions posed. Several of the questions allow for the inspectors own “interpretation”. These inspections should be black and white, but, because of the poorly worded questions, which has been occurring since the first form was introduced,the answers will be inconsistent.

Start with question 1.What information does the insurance company want? If it is the year built or permit date, ask that question. Robert and I have talked about that at length. There is no need for anything else as it pertains to that question. By adding the verbiage that is there now, it puts the inspector in a position where he is certifying that the entire home (structure) is either built to the code or it isn’t. That is clearly out of the scope of a home inspectors licence.

We can move on to training, or more precisely, the lack of. And, that doesn’t go for the agent or insurance people. There are questions in the Florida section right now, that any competent inspector who has had any training and possesses the ability to understand the English language, should not even be asking, let alone inspecting peoples properties.

The form needs to be changed to reflect the information gleaned from the studies. Making “compromises”, is what has caused this mess in the first place. I have offered numerous times to design a form for the OIR.
It would have the questions in a yes or no format, no stupid tables or long winded descriptions of what you get credit for, and no pictures.

Since I am allowed to do these inspections as per licensing, then take my word for it that what I mark on the form is correct. If you wish to dispute it, send your guys out and take all of the pictures you want.

It is high time the home inspectors as a whole, get a hold of “their” profession.

The only time that any of the inspectors get together is when their livelihood is threatened. At least Robert is being proactive. What have others done?

My understanding of Roberts declaratory statement petition is that this is just another attempt to get all insurance inspections under the definition of “Home Inspection Services”, which in turn will require that these inspections be held to the FL SOP. He has argued this before many times. This has been tried before by another member of FABI and failed. Robert’s petition will fail too, but he is attempting to bring this issue to a new level. I don’t know who else is behind him in this, but I can tell you it does not reflect the opinions of the Home Inspector community IMO. He may have other agendas that I am not familiar with…the trips to Tallahassee for example. Maybe Robert can shed some light on that.

Let’s start with 4-point inspections. What standards should be used to perform those? I would have to say, the SoP for home inspections as, the items you are inspecting are in a home and already part of a home inspection, therefore, the SoP for home inspections should be used.

Wind mits. Change the form in order to collect the information the insurance companies are looking for.
Once that is done, a separate SoP, which is what the form already has on it if you look hard enough, for those.

As for Roberts agenda, as it has been put, it is simply to elevate the home inspection industry including the inspections, insurance inspections included, that we perform. You may not like the way he goes about doing it, but I am pretty sure his goal isn’t to put everyone out of business. In fact, if some could get past their dislike of him for petty reasons, you might realize he is trying to help you.

I’ll start with a disclaimer. I don’t know the guy being discussed here and I’m new to the inspection game, having come from lending, real estate and a few other industries initially.

But having been around the block a few times there is one thing I know. If the insurance and banking can gain control over an industry that affects their bottom line, they will. What I hear as I read all of this is a word I hate; politics.

It’s a dirty word, but it is everywhere and it’s unavoidable. Being a fairly new InterNACHI member, my question is this, what does InterNACHI do on the political side to influence Washington on the issues that affect us all? Is there a political component to protect our interests and weigh in when others are speaking before legislators, lobbyists and lawmakers?

I nominate John Shishilla as liaison for all Florida Home Inspectors to the O.I.R…

You guys just dont see the big picture. You are not seeing beyond those $75 inspections.The OIR has already stated that they want home inspectors off the 1802. Rob Sheppard is trying to show them hwy this should not happen and how to make the form better. This is not only about us making money, but it is also about the health, safety, and wefare of people who live in this state. Now I know a lof of you dont care about that and are only interested in making money. Heck, that’s the entire insurance industry. By showoing them the flaws in the system, and a way to correct it, it becomes a win-win for everyone. Besides, if they do remove HI’s from the form, you will still be able to do them. The engineers will hire you for the same money, while they reap the benefits.

At least Rob is doing something and tyring to be proctive. I dont see anyone else doing anything, expect sitting on their hands and crying because they might loose the easy gravy train that has been created. He may not get an answer to his declaratory statement. The last one failed because it was poorly written and did not ask for specifics. And so what if HI standrds would apply to 4 points. You are supopsed to be inspecting all four areas as you would in a regular home inspection. It kills me when I hear that guys are doing 4 pionts in 15 minutes or less. Spend more time, do them right, and charge more. If standards are approved, then everyone, including the entities would have to follow them. Dont you think they would also need to raise prices.

If we do not move forward as an industry, the big boys will control us. Hell, they already are. I love it when inspectors cry because they might need to get better education and actually conduct an inspection instead of a drive by. We have over 8000 inspectors in this state for a reason. They made it too easy to get into the business without knowing anything.

Where does the oir say that they want HIs off of 1802s?

They will never take HI"s off. They wouldn’t have anyone to do them.
Contractors will not want to do them , not enought money.

John, you are already given the information where to get the information. I’m not giving it out again. By the way, Rib gave it to you.

Roy, here the irony in your statement. You are a state licensed contractor and you do them for that price.

My issues is I have no understanding or proof. I have nothing but hear say to go by…
So back to my original post.
Who has actual proof that HI’s are going to be removed from wind mits?
an email? a letter? A carrier pigeon?
does anybody have something to share that will shed some light on this issue? All I have gotten so far is older articles from several year back, and blog from a reinspection company trying to get business. A blog, really???
If Robert would come on here and explain what the issues are, and what his intentions are, then I could be his #1 fan. I would go with him next time and try to make it right.
Frankly all I ever hear is a bunch of inspectors dissecting a simple insurance form. Too many variables, too many what ifs.
According to who???
Question 1 is a fine example. We all know what the question means, but somewhere along the line, some butthole overanalyzed it. Now it means a code inspection!
Who made this determination? A bunch of inspectors who obsess over code? A magical lawsuit that supposedly happened, but no one has proof???

Maybe we should start with getting clarification for certain items on the already existing form.
I do the forms, and honestly it’s not rocket science if you answer the question. We debate over clipped gables. Who gives a F!!! The insurance people want to know if its hip or non-hip. OK, easy. But yet we have to obsess over the details of how this form is wrong, and talk about winds and uplift resistance, and how if my dogs azz is 3 degrees warmer, its density will double in a weightless environment.

SO here is the deal.
If you want to be the mouthpiece for the inspection industry, then please show me what the problem is. I am sure many here would love to know.
Some depend on these to feed their families. This isn’t a game.
Produce some facts that will help me and everyone else understand. Because I can guarantee if things go south after these meetings, a lot of unemployed inspectors are going to be looking to Robert for the answers then.

If we don’t know the issues now, then how can we be proactive to fix them. .

I think everyone who depends on these for a living deserves to have some actual concrete proof.

John, you are already given the information where to get the information. I’m not giving it out again. By the way, Rib gave it to you.

Roy, here the irony in your statement. You are a state licensed contractor and you do them for that price.

I agree with you. Wow, imagine that. :wink:
I just want to see where all these conclusions are coming from.
Who actually decided that question 1. actually puts us out of scope? How did this happen.
If all he is doing is pointing out a few form issues, then that should be easily explained and I will support him whole heartedly.

It would sure benefit me :slight_smile: I’ll even do them for home inspectors and we can both make money just like I did before home inspectors were allowed to do them. HI’s did not have to do anything but call me and I made them extra money.