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      OREP Announces New Home Inspector Insurance  Program—Lower Rates & Broad Coverage

OREP (Organization of Real Estate Professionals), a nationwide real estate insurance agency now in its 11th year, is proud to announce a new Errors and Omissions (E&O) Home Inspector program.

SanDiego, CA, May 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- OREP (Organization of Real Estate Professionals), a nationwide real estate insurance agency now in its 11th year, is proud to announce a new Errors and Omissions (E&O) Home Inspector program. This new Home Inspector E&O program includes most coverages in the minimum premium, including Bodily Injury/Property Damage (BIPD)/Premises coverage.

Home Inspectors who are paying extra for “add-on” coverages or are going without full coverage because of the expense, will appreciate OREP’s new program, as it includes most incidental coverages, such as termite, radon, and commercial coverage.

The highlights of the new program are:

  • “A” Rated Carrier, Prior Acts, Additional Insured for Agents and other Referring Parties
  • Convenient: Fast, Self-Rating Application gets you quoted and back to work in minutes.
  • No Policy fees, no Taxes
    *Includes discounts on ASHI/NAHI/state-approved education & training, access to group medical coverage (Calif.) and more.

“Home inspectors who are paying extra for ‘add on’ coverages, or worse, going without the full coverage they need to save money don’t need to any longer,” said David Brauner, Senior Broker at OREP. “Broad coverage is included in the minimum premium, including premises coverage.”

The Minimum Insurance Premium is $1,250, which provides a Coverage Limit of $300,000 Aggregate/$100,000 each Occurrence. Choice of coverage limits and deductibles available. Easy Financing. Find details at http://www.orep.org/home-inspectors-e&o.htm. David Brauner Calif. Insurance License: #0C89873

OREP also is a leading provider of insurance for real estate appraisers, agents/brokers and mortgage field professionals.

OREP’s sister company, Working RE, also publishes a magazine for Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors: http://www.workingre.com/workingre/

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Isaac Peck

Here in KC, home inspectors get business by offering cheap, low cost inspections. Sad that they also shop for low cost insurance. Price should not matter. You get what you pay for, and pay for what you do not get.

Gary -

Its time for you to quit hosing these guys / pulling their boxer shorts and just tell the truth. Gary is booked out 8-9 days in advance almost year round. He just talks poor-mouth to scare new guys from getting into the business.

AND as a CMI in prestigious KC, most every buyer or realtor call and just say “We want the best - one of you 2 or 3 CMI’s, not a newby. Price is no object we just want quality and thoroughness”.

Yeah buddy … There it is - the straight skinny!

Just one reason I do not get many calls: I am too honest. Must be my Virgo coming out.

Got a call yesterday from a KW agent, who wanted me to to a re-test of radon on a home I did last month, that I tested to have high radon. She wanted me to be sure the new system was working. I told her $125. She was whining slightly, so I got it down to $100, as I had tested the home already.

She responded that she could have it done for $50. I told her that $100 was my bottom price. She hung up. Never called back.

The BS that goes on in this city is just incredible, and not only inspectors, but termite and radon testers are constantly bending over to most any RE’s whim. Sad that the buyers are the ones who are suffering, with test results and inspection reports only to appease the RE’s and not alarm home buyers.

It is all about price these days.

Gary -

In case you are not aware we’ve now got 2 or 3 radon repair companies where momma is realtor. They’re offering $50-$69 radon tests with electronic monitors AND with momma being realestator WITH Supra Key they can get in to set and pick-up the monitor w/out the agent having to give up their very valuable time to meet the inspector / Yeah buddy its all about the convenience and saving our buyers some BIG bucks.

Amen to that… I still don’t get why a home buyer would cheap out on his home inspection. I guess I’m a bit jaded after nearly 7 years of seeing the practical application of E&O insurance, but when someone is making the biggest investment of their life, you’d think they would protect said investment by spending whatever the cost maybe to ensure that what they are buying is legitimate.

A lot of inspectors are just the same, though, when they are the consumer. Many consider price and price only to be the driving factor with who they buy their insurance through. Which is fine if you never need it. In that case, lowest price always wins and that goes for ANY line of legalized gambling, I mean insurance.

http://www.inspectorproinsurance.com/ offers competitive rates and great service IMHO.

Until the next carrier comes along wanting to make a deal in which case there will be a new flavor of the month :wink:

Nigel was a smart man.

Nigel was a lot of things and smart was definitely one of them. Probably too smart for his own good. He’s missed in a lot of ways.

What is the min insurance coverage one should have for a home inspection business?

This can vary .
You gave us no information
Like experience , What ,Location , Training

Any rough ideas what the annual cost for EO and General Liability insurance costs for an HI with basic training in Mendocino, CA?