Home Inspector Pro Holiday Special - $150 OFF!

Home Inspector Pro Holiday Discount: $150 OFF

Home Inspector Pro is running a huge holiday sale on our home inspection software from today until December 25th. We understand that times are tough for many inspectors and have already reduced our prices from $650 to $599. Now all InterNACHI members will receive an additional $150 off for a total of $449! We even have payment plans if you are interested. Check out the free 90 day trial. Our tech support is awesome, just read some of our users reviews on the InterNACHI Forum or HERE and on many other places. Or check out our own message boards. We are around 7 days a week and often late into the night (our last email was answered last night at 2am). The coupon code is HOLIDAY150OFF

Why is our software price so low? We refuse to resell our software through training schools taking a large commission. Because of this we only sell directly to inspectors, keeping our prices low.

Please note , some of the videos are almost 2 years old and have old prices noted within them.

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Home Inspector Pro runs on Mac and Windows!! It was developed 100% by home inspectors and continues to be developed by home inspectors. Check out the InterNACHI forums to see the comments from many happy InterNACHI members currently using the program. We release a new update every 2-3 month because of the constant feedback we are getting so new features are being added frequently. Home Inspector Pro is currently being used in at least 12 countries and 5 different languages!

Watch an animated tutorial on how easy it is to use the program.

Here are some of then top features of Home Inspector Pro:

* Runs on Mac, Windows & Linux
* Residential, Commercial, Mold, Septic, Pool Templates & more included.
* Batch photo feature to add all your photos in 2 clicks. Photos can be inserted within the report or at the end, your choice. Hundreds of photos can be resized an inserted in seconds.
* Add an unlimited number of documents and photographs into your report.
* Annotate your photos with arrows, rectangles, adjust brightness & more from within the program! You can ever fuse Infrared images within the program!
* Completely custmizable from the menus at the top of the program to the comments within each section. Add unlimited comments into each section.
* Summary page is automatically generated and integrated into a table of contents.
* Create your own template or use our own. Inspectors have created templates for Residential, Commercial, EIFS, Pest, Marine, Condo, and anything else you can think of. There is no reason to buy separate programs when you can do it all with Home Insepctor Pro. You can also download templates other inspectors have made on our message boards, free.
* All reports are written straight to pdf creating a high quality report in seconds. Files sizes are minimal due to the process. PDF files are 128 bit encrypted to prevent editing and include bookmarks for quick navigation.
* You can customize all the colors, borders, headers.
* You can include ratings, rename them or remove them.
* Reorder pages, exclude pages or create your own with ease.
* Lots of animated tutorials to help with any questions you may have.
* Reports can be printed on site, emailed to your client, or uploaded from within the program to our servers for your client and their agent to receive.
* Report upload service automatically uploads the report and notifies all parties involved.

To download the trial go to http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com
and click on the Download FREE Trial button

If you have any questions or would like to work out a payment plan, please email us , use the Live Help feature on the website or call us. http://www.homeinspectorpro.com.

Check out our Message Boards for discussion about the latest features in Home Inspector Pro!


Dominic Maricic - President
Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777
MSN: Support@HomeInspectorPro.com
ICQ: 513303
Yahoo Messenger: dcmeagle
AIM: dmaricic

So you aren’t busy enough Dom? Per our conversation, I say less than 2 days before it happens. :wink:

For those inspectors that haven’t purchased software yet, take this deal now. Fantastic software. I use and like HomeGauge but the price difference is significant and both packages are neck and neck as far as features go.

We’re extremely busy. But it’s the holiday season. 'Tis the time to be giving discounts! :smiley: … I say 3 days.

Hmmm…I don’t know exactly what you two are talking about, but I’m a betting man…so I go with Steve…2 Days—:smiley:

Great software and an incredible price Dom…!!!

Anyone who needs great inspection software should certainly jump on this offer before Christmas…!!

I still say 2 days.
it will happen on Thursday.

Well, you’re 8 hours into it, no smoke on the horizon . . .

Going off on a little thread drift here, let me say that’s a great, no, GREAT deal!
I’ve been a HIPpie for what, 2 years now? NACHI, Home Hints, and HIP equals success!!!

Dom Can you tell me why it is so good. I use inspector pro by AHIT and i love it. But it does have problems. I do Mold, thermal imaging, radon and home inspection. How will it help me. I have a lot of respect for you and the help you have giving me in the past. one of the problems i am having is time with the program that i am using. I want to slimline my inspections to about 3 hours from 4 hrs on a older home that has lots of writeup. I have pre canned comments but the program that i am using does not work well with that. I want comments that i can find on the fly. Let me know My email Is HomePros@House2homellc.ORG
Thanks mark

Hi Mark,

It’s probably best if some of the guys who have switched from AHIT to HIP comment on this, and there’s plenty on here. Personally I’ve never looked at AHIT. From what the guys tell me, one of the biggest changes is time saved on photos. You can batch add a hundred photos in seconds, automatically resized (you don’t need an external program), it’s extremely easy to drop them exactly in the report where you want by choosing the two drop down boxes above the photo for the page/item and you can edit the photo in many ways including infrared fusion.

You can add as many comments as you want. We have guys in 12 countries and 5 languages who have made their own templates. The attitude you see me exhibit on this board is carried forward by our users. If you look on our message board you’ll see over a dozen different templates that inspectors have shared of others to use, for free. There’s constant discussion of new features the make sure that each thing we add is something that will be used, and not just bloat.

The PDF report that HIP creates is an encrypted PDF. We write directly to PDF language which I don’t think any other program does (not that I know of at least). Because of this our average report size is around 1 meg. This also gives us the ability to give the page number and item number of issues in our reports, list bookmarks in the PDF to jump between sections and more.

I’ll defer more to some AHIT guys who can comment!

Mark I am a former AHIT user. I would be glad to personnally talk to you.
Bottom line is I used to spend the same time as you and now on average my report time is less than 1 hour. This includes numerous repair poor condition homes. It does not happen overnight but the support is there.

Great product at a excellant price. Feel free to call or email me. Email is dave@hshinspections.net

Steve—Today is the day.

Dave…tomorrow…I bet Steve 100 bucks----:lol:-----:shock:

The countdown is on. Sometime today…

Yes… Today

Indians on the horizon, gathering . . .

Last chance to get out of the valley!

In case you are “still thinking” about HIP

Here’s an email I got today…

Thanks Dominic - you are the man!

Has “IT” happened yet?

I’m not quite sure what “IT” is, but curious as to if it has happened.

PM if you want to know

It came pretty close :smiley: I’d have to say yes. Who picked today?

Does today really count though?
I mean …it did happen elsewhere.

I think those that bet would have to decide.