Home Inspector Pro releases InterNACHI ComSop template version.

If we can get the link to include the missing “c”, folks could make use of it:
version at http://www.HomeInspetorPro.com](http://www.homeinspetorpro.com/) and click on Download Trial.

I was happy to help create that template for HIP, as it makes it so easy to use.

Try it out, guys!

Thanks Russ, I know quite a few guys have used it. Now we have 2 INACHI commercial templates and I have one more commercial template to finish then we’re good!

We put HIP thru its paces today with a 4-plex; we are so glad to have this program, Dominic!

Glad to help. Have some new features coming that I’m sure you’ll love, especially with larger places.

I still prefer the narrative, rather than the checkbox style.

Well, the check boxes can be turned off in the other version too. But some guys want everything split up into individual items, some want full section narrative like you. To each their own!

The beauty of HIP . . .