Homegauge license for sale

I have a Homegauge license for sale (Version 5) I retired in September and no longer need it, please contact Gordon at grharpe@gmail.com if interested
$500.00 (new one cost $800.00)

FYI this is how I obtained my license and the staff at HG was very helpful with the process. The only catch was they have to remove it from the old owners computer before you can install it on yours. HG has to do that.

So, Ken is correct. HG needs to be able to remove the activation by remote view. That way the activation doesnt exist with two owners. And to celebrate Gordon’s retirement, I will give 6 months free HomneGauge Services to the person who buys it. Provided that I can remove his activation. I haven’t spoke with him or looked at his account. So, if interested have Gordon send an email to HomeGauge with you copied and we can respond if we are successful at removing his activation. Then mention to HG staff that I gave 6 months.

Enjoy your retirement Gordon. Go fishing.

That’s very gracious.