HomeGauge Web Writer?

Good evening. Anybody have any Intel on when the HomeGauge Web Writer will be available?

I haven’t been able to get anywhere calling them directly, and I thought I recall there being a manager or owner that frequented this message board.

Never heard of it. What does that mean - Web Writer?

Nicholas, you may consider posting this in the Home Gauge thread on our forum:

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Hey Nicholas, that may be me you are thinking of although I am neither. The web writer is available now it seems if you are signed up for the Extra Care Services HG offers. I have not heard of a release date yet for us lowly long time users. HG has vacated the FB group with no updates. There was a new update for the desktop that has a few noteworthy upgrades.

Thanks gentlemen.

It’s HomeGauges way of keeping up with Spectora.

It’s a cloud based app (instead of program app) that’s supposed to speed up report writing among other things.

I’m looking forward to it, as I was/am considering switching to Spectora.

We’ll see how this rolls out.

So it’s worthless without a cell tower connection. Unless you have a satellite phone.

I figure the way this works is that I enter data on my phone, a picture or defect notation. The phone then transmits this information directly to the cloud (cell tower to satellite to cell tower to server (hopefully not in Hilary’s basement)) where it is stored on the desired program (if all goes well). When I go to review and finish the report before giving it to the customer (you do that don’t you?) My computer accesses the internet through my service provider and I get a look at the report which is on a secure (maybe) server somewhere physically out of reach. Satisfied with my efforts I contact the client by email and provide them with a link to said report. If everything works the client gets the report and all are happy (if it doesn’t work my data is GONE and I have to do it all over again).

What I do now goes like this: I take photos of all defects from different angles and go home. I add the photos stored in my possession to a program on my laptop that I own and backup regularly. I email the report to the customer and their agent (if they desire). All are happy without user fee or whiz bang gadgetry and signals crisscrossing the globe.