HomeGauge's NACHIGauge gets new look!


The above link from Nick can now be seen easier here www.NACHIGauge.com

This NACHI version takes the same great HomeGauge version and adds the NACHI templates. One template has a single summary and the other has multiple summaries. We then will add the NACHI logo you desire along with your logo and customize the cover page for free. Users can still print in their own choice of narrative, checklist, grid and more.

From here, it is up to NACHI members to decide if there is to be a certain look or format, enhancements or ideas that shape this version into NACHIGauge.

You can leave feedback at the website link above.

Hey Russell,

In the NACHI Systems by Systems (single summary) template, the overview in sections 8, 9, 10, and 11 are not consistant with 1-7.

1-7 seem to be correct (using NACHI SOP) and 8, 9, 10, and 11 seem to be blended with ASHI and NACHI SOP.

Can you update or fix the template?


Thanks Kevin. I left the overview header checked as “Automatically include this comment at report start up” for Interiors and for the Ventilation sections. This allowed both overview headers to display. I removed that now so on all new downloads that will not repeat. Thanks for noticing. If anyone who has downloaded the trial and sees an extra paragraph they can call us with the software open and we can show them how to remove the check that automatically includes the comment at report start up. 877-274-4299