HOT!! Little Giant Model 22 (300#, 11'-19' extension) $163

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Great deal at! These things sell for $399 normally, so if you’re interested then get it now before they sell out.

Little Giant Model 22 multi-ladder with free work platform, $162.97

Amazon also has a great deal going on the Leatherman New Wave (again, if you're interested grab it now before it disappears!) for $25.68 here. These normally sell for $60-80! This deal gets even better, though (now I sound like that infomercial guy with the British accent!) Scroll down the page to where it says "Best Value - Buy Leatherman New Wave and get Leatherman Micra as a gift free with purchase" and click the "buy both and save" button to get both for $25.68.

For the mother of all deals combining all of these items, add the Little Giant to your cart, then do the "buy both and save" for the pair of Leatherman tools. At this point your total will be $188.65. Amazon has a coupon code for $25 off a $199 tool purchase, so you have two options:
1. Add $11 in miscellaneous items from the Tools & Hardware store to get your total above $199
2. Buy 2 sets of the Leatherman tools. Click the "Cart" icon at the top-right of the page to see your shopping cart. Change the quantity from 1 to 2 for both of the Leatherman tools and hit the "Update" button. This brings your total to $223.57.

Now hit the "Proceed to Checkout" button. You may be asked to sign in to your Amazon account. At this point, you'll see your order summary screen. Under "Choose a shipping speed" change it from Standard shipping for $9.99 to FREE Super Saver Shipping. Your total is now $9.99 less. Now, on the right-hand side of the screen where it says "Have any gift cards, gift certificates or promotional claim codes?" enter the code TC2XX525GCQ2 and hit the "Apply" button. Your total should now be $25 less than before. Now Place That Order! ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

And let me just say one more time: if you wait, this deal will disappear! Stuff like this normally doesn't last out the day.

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Missed It!!

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