Hot neutral reverse

I found an outlet, that when tested showed as being a hot neutral reverse.
Then when I opened the panel I found a red wire connected to the neutral buss bar. Does that explain the outlet problem?

Possibly, if the white wire was on the breaker. Not really important for you to figure out the reason why.

Here are a few pictures of that panel. There is a white wire on a breaker.Tell me if you see any more problems

The white conductor appears to be part of a 2-wire circuit so it may not be the problem. You would need to inspect further to find the actual cause of the reverse. Removing the receptacle and looking would be the first thing I would do.

The white on the breaker is a hot from a 240 volt circuit.

There is only one way to test… :roll:

I tried this but kept getting a weird buzzing feelinf in my body? Are you sure this works Steve?

You have to lick the fork first… :roll:

Shows how much you know. You have to insert the fork while holding it in your mouth…

And using a plastic fork won’t work as well either. I always recommend stainless steel.

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I recommend silver since it’s the best conductor. :smiley:

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Don’t forget for best results be sure to stand in a 5gal bucket of water while testing.

Looks like there’s a pair of thhn wires leaving the panel on the upper right. Not related to the reversed outlet, but still wrong…

Hi Roy
If the hot and neutral were reversed at the panel, you would find other nearby outlets that show the same thing.
More likely they are reversed at the outlet.

Think for a minute about what would actually happen if you did this with a typical five gallon bucket…:mrgreen: