Hot PIC: John Onofrey of Home Hints eNews pays InterNACHI a visit.

Nick Gromicko and John Onofrey at InterNACHI warehouse in Colorado, March 12, 2013.

Visit John’s Home Hints eNewsletter which helps market inspectors:

Now that’s a respectable inspector/vendor in my book!!! He’s never called non-users of his service “Morons”.
Thanks for your great service to our profession. I wish you many years of continued success.

His Home Hints eNews is an awesome marketing tool for inspectors.

Yes, it is. I’ve been using it for years.

Once we made it past the elaborate security at INACHI headquarters we were greeted by the smiling face and bubbly personality of Lisa Endza and the rest of the INACHI staff that were engaged in various projects from creating educational videos, building custom logo’s and inspectorpages to document translation.

Even though they all were obviously busy, they took the time to chat with us as we toured the facility. I especially enjoyed my time speaking with Kenton Shepard, CEO Chris Morrell and of course Nick Gromicko.

Thank you Nick and the entire INACHI staff for your hospitality during our visit to Boulder Co.

Did you get any clues as to where Nick has all of his gold stashed? Does he have a bunker?

No and yes.