Hot PIC of CMI booth at annual REALTOR RALLY.

Certified Master Inspector

Hey…that’s the chick in the stair training video!

She’s everywhere.

I have seen many pictures of CMI’s, and I must applaud Nick’s choice of representatives :slight_smile:

Paige can work my booth anytime!

She’s friendly and has great legs.

I find it funny at no one is talking about her attachments and what great support she offers to all the InterNACHI office team and members. Can it be old and middle aged men looking at the female exterior only ? :twisted:
I am far from dead below the wast guys ( I make a tent in my bed most mornings I wake up) But lets give real credit where credit is due.
Imagine if she reads this. And she will because I know someone is going to point her to the page and thread.:eek:
Some of us here at InterNACHI also live in the real world Page.:slight_smile:
Guys I am not knocking you. Do not get me wrong. We all get stuck in a mindset every now and them. We just have to learn to break lose from those old youthful habits.:frowning: