Hot PIC of me and Mike Crow.

Mike will be speaking at our 2007 Convention in Toronto :smiley:

Nick is King of all inspections, long live the King

Is this you two in one of those cute little photo booths like at the fair? ;):twisted:

Nick…You been eating Imperial margarine, again?


Or that scary Burger King guy…

Looks like something Jimi Hendrix would wear in heaven.

Pope Nick

… of the Russian Orthodox Church!!!

You don’t look economically exploited to me…


You started this post with ‘hot pics’.

That’s not hot, big guy, it’s just plain distrubing.

Now, I gotta go through the week with this pic and a mental pick of Jae in a sexy tube top and a polka dot bandana.


sorry, just had’ta vent. Been a long week. :mrgreen: