Hot PIC of Nick, Dale Duffy, and Kenton in the InterNACHI warehouse.

We’ll be holding commercial inspection courses around the world in the coming months.

Looking forward to it

Looking good guys. :slight_smile:

Pencil me in. :smiley:

I know the dude in the center but who the heck are the other two:p

Hope i can make one! Need a little guidance

Dale got a kick out of our ASHI toilets (our restrooms have ASHI logos in the toilets). He’s in there now using one. LOL

Well, hope he does a good job. :mrgreen::wink:

Lol, pretty funny! The ways we find to amuse ourselves!

I admit… sometimes I intentionally don’t flush.

:shock::shock: I guess that would be call an ASHI…T :roll: hahaha


Are you three standing infront of the keg?

I really got a kick out of that…:smiley:

Looks like Dale is packing…

I have that same pouch.
Use it for my Sony HX5V camera.

Dale has the same model I use so would not be surprised
if that was his “Camera Pouch”.

Dream on, Bob! :shock:


HA! I just did a spit take all over my phone! That’s hilarious Jim! :smiley: