Hot PIC: Thousands of agents visit MIC double booth in Atlantic City.

Wow, I can barely make out the booth behind all those agents.:smiley:


I expected to see massive amounts of Agents.

Did they all run over to the “Foreclosure/Short Sales” booth?

They must have called lunch - seconds before the photo was snapped. :mrgreen:

7,500 attended.

And this picture was taken in the midst of it all?

No, during exhibitor booth set up.

Triple Play is one of the biggest real estate events on the East coast.

Psst, Nick…

We’re just razzin’ ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Robert.

Nick needs a smiley inserted in order to understand our humor.

I’m glad to see the word getting out about iNACHI, but where is the IR advertising?

IR information is critical nowadays. Help us spread the word!

Oh. OK.

Bk come clean my monitor I just spit all over it:D:D I am the guest speaker tomorrow at another Business luncheon and I will post pic of more heads at my gathering and yes I am promoting IR one group at a time at this rate I will have to live to be at least 1000 years of age I sure could use some help???