Hot PICs of members from this morning's 2-day, hands-on, advanced training course.

We’ll have some more PICs from this afternoon.

It appeared that everyone enjoyed the class on this first day. Ron is an excellent instructor. People asked a lot of questions. I was impressed how many people from out of state showed up. It was really great to meet everyone and participate in the class. It was fun to wheel around the walls that Kenton built.

One of the first things that we did in the class: Ron had us all get up out of our seats, stand in front of each wall, and identify what we were looking at. Then we sat down, and Ron explained what we were looking at (different types of stucco and EIFS), then there was a pop quiz. Then we went over inspection procedures and defect recognition. Wow, we learned a lot on just the first day.

We at NACHI.TV look forward to completing the filming, editing the course, and getting it up online for everyone else to see.

This afternoon’s new PICs:

Tuesday morning PICs:

Check out the continuous water pump downspout/gutter demo.

Paige’s office looks fine to me. A neat, organized office is the sign of a sick mind. You should see mine.

More PICs:

Looks like good time and good company.

Sorry, I missed it!!!

The top pictures is the wall used for the final exam of the course. I caught Jim Krumm cheating.

These two days were a great time! It’s always fun to meet inspectors from all over North America and compare notes and also to meet inspectors you’ve only known in the past through message board posts.

The course was presented by Ron Huffman, P.E., past president and board member of the Exterior Design Intitute (EDI) which has been certifying those wanting to inspect EIFS and stucco for over 10 years.

We shot it with four cameras and a boom mike, so in addition to the great detail with which Ron described all the various types of stucco/EIFS and the many defects built into the display walls, we got great shots of those areas and picked up questions by individual class members.

We have more to shoot. We couldn’t cram it all into two days! We’ll probably be adding something on Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF’s) and shooting water at some areas to see if they leak. Also some stucco history, some actual case studies showing examples of defects commonly found on inspections (cracks where the addition meets the original structure, stucco applied over brick, etc.).

Just return from Boulder to a 74 degree ATL. I should be thawed out in about a week ( -18 F was a little cold for this Georgia boy!)

The two day class was awsome… Ron Huffman definitely knows his stuff and is a great instructor. It was great seeing the NACHI TV folks in action (that Kenton swings a mean boom ;)).

Thanks to Nick and staff too for a job well done!

And a great student, as well. Ron is a proud alumnus of the Law and Disorder Seminar.

And an enthusiastic booster of its value, I might add.

Hey Robert, you made it back in good time . . . just pulled in the driveway about an 1 1/2 hours ago . . . drove through snow, and more snow, and more snow . . . did I mention snow . . . we drove a total of 669 miles back from Boulder and all the snow was in the last 50 miles . . . and it’s still snowing and this is sunny St. George Utah where it never (well scratch that out) snows.
Want to add that Ron Huffman did a great job . . . what a terrific course, well worth the travel time . . . he knows his stucco and did a great job sharing/passing it on/teaching it to us . . . BIG Thanks Ron!
It was also great to see the NACHI TV crew in action!
Can’t thank Nick enough for offering this class . . .
Thanks! . . . Thanks! . . . Thanks! . . . and Thanks!
Everyone went out of there way to help and answer questions . . . I look forward to attending more classes in the future and hopefully can get to Florida for the next BIG conference.

Thanks again Nick, Ron, the NACHI-TV crew and all the staff . . . it was great! . . . and thanks for the early Christmas gift.

Sorry I couldn’t be there. This is one course I regret missing. I could use some training on Stucco and flashing. We don’t get many stucco homes here in Massachusetts.

I hope to see these walls being used again. I’d love to attend at a better time. My present schedule doesn’t allow me too much freedom. Infrared bookings last week and I’m on jury duty all this week.


Please consider another Stucco seminar in the near future.

Badair lookin like a rock star with those amber shades.:cool:

David, sorry you couldn’t make it, very well worth the time and travel to get to Boulder for this class . . . do believe a video edition will be out shortly. Ron did a great job with this course, when the video comes out will probably review in a month or two before summer hits.

Everything looks good thru the rose colored glasses.

I just got back from the class last evening (I managed to miss my morning flight).

The class was great and very informative. Russ did a terrific job presenting the class and fielding questions. He is definitely expert on the topic. The display panels were absolutely outstanding. You could inspect an awful lot of homes and never see all of the configurations, including proper and improper application techniques as were crammed into these panels.

They shot a lot of video. I’m sure that they have a monumental editing task to pull it all together for the online course. It’s definitely going to be worth watching.

Many thanks to Nick and the InterNACHI team for being such gracious hosts. It was also great to meet all of the other inspectors at the session.

Big thumbs-up =D>