Hot Water boiler system

See boiler pictures below of system I inspected today. Need some help.

  1. Is this in fact steam boiler or just water? Contractor stopped by and said Steam? I did not see any water gauge if it were steam but not sure?
  2. Should the relief valve have proper extension?
  3. After running heat for 30 minutes thermostat set at 80 deg. I shut off and the pressure guage is almost 250 D?
  4. Should exhaust flu be better sealed per picture?
  5. anything else I missed? Unit fired fine and flames were blue with little orangish tips…

Thank you for any help!!!

Did it circulate hot water through the baseboard units?

There should have been some movement in the pressure gauge. I don’t see any.

The higher the top radiator the higher the pressure gauge whould be to overcome head pressure.

I ball park 4-6 PSI per floor cold and higher when heated.

Anthony, here are my answers

  1. Forced hot water system
  2. Yes add extension on TPR valve
  3. Pressure gauge didn’t read 250D…“Temperature” gauge shows approximately 240 degrees F.
    Comment from contractor regarding steam may refer to System temp being too high…typical water temp for forced hot water is 180 to 200 degrees F. At 240 you would have steam…contractor may have been trying to say system temp is too high.
  4. Can’t comment on flue connection as I wasn’t there to take a good look around.

Not necessarily true.

When under pressure the steam point is higher than 212F

Michael, I guess to be more accurate at 240 degrees and at 10 PSI you would have super heated water that would flash to steam if released to atmospheric pressure. Water changes state to a vapor and boils at 212 degrees. At higher pressure the boiling point rises to a higher temperature. I have heard boiler techs make the statement that at the higher temperatures “you are making steam”. I was trying to offer a suggestion as to why the contractor mentioned steam. In any event I believe the system temperature is too high.

Which is the point of a closed system.

Yes 240 is a bit hot but not having anymore details and the fact that it is way beyond the duties of a home inspector…

I usually see 170 to 190 but I suspect in this case the system needs make up water.

Safeties exist to keep from over heating the water but that too is well beyond the scope of duties for a home inspection.

Does it respond to control and heat the home is about it.

The first question I asked is did the system circulate hot water.

We still do not know.

sorry I had two jobs just got back in the office. yes, there are lines and valves at each baseboard system albeit only one thermostat (no zones)
I called the company today and confirmed it is hot water boiler and NOT steam boiler as HVAC guy told me, but perhaps I miss understood. He said also it was a gravity system but it clearly has circulation pump??
Thanks for the information