Hot water heater used as a storage tank?

I believe I have an electrical hot water heater used as a storage tank. the boiler appears to be making the hot water and then dumping it into the water heater. Is this ok?

Strange what you can find on Google .

Storage tank hot water systems | BUILD

Sure. I used to use a wood boiler at my house and that is exactly how it was configured. The electric water heater may be used as a backup (mine was).

A house I inspected had two gas water heaters connected in series, the occupants turned the last one off to save money, so it was being used as a storage tank. I advised my client to have them both working or have one removed because of the Legionnaires disease issue. Was the electric water heater actually working, energized and thermostat set to 50 C or 125 F or higher? If so all is good IMO.