Hot water heater vent pipe

Not sure if this is acceptable. A smaller flex vent pipe going into a larger pipe and not sealed.



the smaller to larger is not in itself an issue.
the other way around would be.
the fact that it is not sealed is wrong and DANGEROUS.
call it out as a safety hazard and recommend repair.

If the flex is continous to the exterior its ok. They may be using the larger pipe simply as a heat sheild to combustibles. Can’t really for sure from those pictures.

If the flex is not continous then yes absoulutly it needs to be sealed.

Even if you’re not sure if this vent exits the building, simply recommend sealing vent at entry point of larger vent.

Common guys…look at the pic.

Yes it must be completely sealed. And if you look at the pic, the flex is angled down as it enters the hard line and with the gap…what’s lighter than air…do ya smell that???

Is that dryer vent Pipe. This is very illegal in OH. The owners might be waking with headaches in the morning. Carbon Mon Detector is never there when you need it.

Definite safety issue. Also water heater appears to be a AO Smith late 80’s early 90’s. I would call out that as well.

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