House flood

With all of the rain we have been having here the moisture restoration company’s have been booming. My client this morning was one such company wanted to know if he had removed all of the moisture as the carpet had been removed leaving bare slab floor and wet wall plates. The humidity inside was at 72% outside was 50%. The A/C unit was operating 24/7 dehumidifiers operating 5 days with stationary fans operating within. Why was the inside humidity still so high.

Here is an image of the exterior wall with a strange pattern. This home had a added on room with about 2-3 degree pitch this pattern was indicated on the wall where the room addition began my first thought was roof leak into the wall. The shingles were new with no problems indicated. There were also no A/C vents close to this area anyone care to make a wild guess what was going on in this wall. By nature I am a nosy person and when I see something like this I have to have a explanation and I did find the cause.


Ok no takers here is what I found the bare slab floor from having water standing on it for few days was still giving moisture up to the atomsphere. It did not appear to be wet but the moisture meter read at 50%.

The image of the wall with the wet looking line by the cabinet was the A/C suction line in the wall traveling from the attic to the exterior condensing unit.

Thats a good call on your part. Q. do you think there may be any voids under that slab holding water in a pool. I have found that before. Sometimes you can sound the concrete and find voids. Something to think about? I had one slab home that we had to pump 2 yards of concrete under it.



No Ron the Pad had excellent drainage away from the foundation on three sides the front door and street was the problem house located next to a drainage ditch at the bottom of a hill where two streets Tee together 5 inches of rain in less than two hours street flooded and came in the front door house was vacant so no one caught the water for almost a week.