Housing community roof inspection

I was given a job opportunity to take pictures with my drone of 17 housing community building roofs. It would be my biggest job to date. What should I charge for this size project? Not sure how long it would take.

Christopher, have you looked at the project from Google Earth or in person?

How far is it away? Do the want a report for each building? Will your drone batteries last long enough to do them all in one day? Etc., etc., etc. Are you legal to do the flying/inspections in that area? Does your insurance cover you to do that?

Make your best guess at how long each building will take and multiply that by how much money you need to make per/hour. I liked to try to make a minimum of $100/hour. Then, add your travel time and report writing time and see where you are quote-wise.

I’m sure others will chime in with things that I haven’t thought of, too.

Best of luck to you!


Larry is pretty much on it for a rate. I would confirm if they want a separate report per unit. I would also plan on walking a few. I love my drone, but nothing compares to walking things up close and personal. Maybe if you observe any abnormalities, you can clear things up with a walk after reviewing. This may also result in another trip out.
Keep the batteries charging when not in use. I only get about 30 minutes per battery and have 3 to use. Be sure to snap a picture of the address before flying each building to keep them all straight and organized.

Is that really what they want? Or are they expecting some level of inspection (interpretation, analysis, etc.)?

I charge $120hr with a 1hr minimum. 17 roofs with pictures and the time to seperate all that into a report seems like an 10+ hour job to me. Minimum I would probably charge $1200.

That’s really low for 17 roofs.

If you re-read what I wrote l, I said “minimum” and “probably.” Since I am not quoting this client I would most likely quote way higher but as a quick reference to the OP I wrote $1200. I agree it’s low. It would be a couple thousand at least.