How do I get a copy of my NACHI bond.

I got a Realtor giving me a hard time. Even though I bet most of her inspectors are not bonded.

How do I get it in a certificate form?

I would like a procedure on how to copy the logo to my web site.

Jim, Show them your Concealed Weapon Permit, then say: " I couldn’t get one of these without passing background check… "

Bottom of:

Nothing there. Perhaps my computer will not show it.

Shows fine.

I told that the Realtor she needed to go to my website to check me out. She then told the buyers I was not bonded, so I could not perform the inspection. The buyers than actually believed the Realtor at first and fired me. I told the buyers she was lying. I do not mind Realtors not wanting me to perform an inspection because I understand they only get paid if the buyer buys the house. I do mind when they lie about me.
I just got an email from the buyer saying basically they are trying to sort things back out, so it looks like I am rehired. It will be interesting to what they do with the Realtor. To be quite honest, if the Realtor did not piss me off so much when she called me (Me and her paths crossed before and she treated me like crap then, but then I kept my mouth shut); I would wished the buyers luck with their Realtor owned inspector, they was being pushed to because I am already booked about two weeks on consulting and mold work already.

Mouse over “LogO”
… right Click…
“Save Picture AS”

Apply to letterhead with additional verbiage satisfying NACHI requirements…
oops (Inter-NACHI)

Nick is working on getting me a bonding certificate, in which I greatly appreciate.

After I get the certificate, I am going to request for her bond also. Who knows she might steal something out of the house and try to put it on the NACHI bond. What’s fair is fair.

Since when is a fidelity bond a requirement for inspecting a property?

I used to carry a bond, but no one ever asked me for one in 10 years, and I dropped it.

If a Realtor ever asked me if I was bonded, I’d say “no”, then tell her I lost interest in bondage long ago.

Any excuse to get you out of the way, so their inspector can move in. Incredible. What Joe said.