How do you inspect roof to wall on this?

The entire attic was expertly installed radiant barrier & 17" of blown in insulation. How do you proceed? Not inspect it and leave the WM incomplete? What do you do?

Me? I go through the eaves and pop out a screen to see.


If you haven’t already read this, this might help…

I personally do not remove the radiant barrier but understand why some do. If you can’t get any information from the attic inspection, roofing contracts can be helpful to determine the roof deck attachment and access through a soffit vent and/or reviewing blueprints could be helpful for the roof-to-wall attachments.

Radiant barrier and blown snow ain’t got nothing on Spray Foam

I have a telescoping flagpole that I was able to use to clear a path in the insulation and uncover the straps. I was curious if the standard approach was to “do what it takes” or walk away.

Do what it takes, Without damaging the home owners property and putting your safety at risk. Me I have a Tyvek suit and kinda knee on the rafters to get as close as I can. I take a small plastic rank and move the insulation out of the way, after I get my picture I try to put the insulation back where it originally was and just take easy backwards crawling to exit out of there. I take things slow, Don want to go through the drywall.:shock:


Michael I sent you a reply let me know you have it because I don’t see it on my end for some reason

The strap is normally visible just past the end of the radiant barrier. I crawl out on knees and spread my weight horizontally across two or three trusses and lay down. Weight is supported at hip and shoulder — you get use to it after awhile — this is a nice clean attic, so no real problem

I keep a staple gun in my truck.:cool:

I’m trying out a Samsung camera on an extension pole approach. It connects to my cell phone which acts as the viewfinder. I’ve gotten a few good connections with this so far. The tech can be a little glitchy though.

I have used one of those extendable golf ball retrievers to move insulation just enough.

I got one of these the other day …

It works great with a cell phone with the timer function, still waiting on my Bluetooth remote :slight_smile:

I got one of these the other day …

It works great with a cell phone with the timer function, still waiting on my Bluetooth remote :slight_smile:

I use a paint pole with a scraper on the end.

Monopods can be handy but on low slope roofs where space at the RTW connections are a premium sometimes the height of the device is to much to get a good shot. I made my own with a paint pole like John. Simple tools that are inexpensive and work better because you made it to work in your conditions. Mine has a rake attachment also and a hook for batts insulation.
Work smarter not harder.