How do you spend your time and what don't you like about the biz?

I’m curious about the home inspections business. I have a couple questions for any of you professionals willing to help me out.

  • How much of your time do you actually spend inspecting homes?
  • What other activities fill the rest of your time?
  • Which of those activities do you not like doing?
  • Would you ever hire someone to do those tasks for you?

Thanks for taking the time!

Sounds like a vendor! If you are curious about the home inspection industry those are not the questions to ask. Best of luck.

That will be $37 please.

Sorry all! Guess that came off wrong. I’m just trying to figure out how much time you spend performing the inspection vs coordinating with home buyers, paperwork, etc. I get that a lot of you have built up a network so you probably don’t need to go looking for business much, but how much time did/do you spend on that?

Just trying to get an idea of what being an inspector would be like. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Thanks for responding, David and Stephen.

Surveys cost me time I do not like to waste. Send me a cheque for $50.00USD and we can talk. you will have twenty minutes of my time.

I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut. If I’m not inspecting i’m trying to book inspections. I will hire someone to set up inspections at some point, not a company, someone local I can train and monitor to ensure quality of customer service.