How long does an inspection take you..

Did you say you write a report in 5 minutes? huh?

Another inspection group has done many surveys called “Business Studies” over the past 10-15 years. They send out surveys to maybe 3,000 - 5,000 inspectors in the USA and Canadia. Their surveys if memory serves me correctly indicates the typical time for most inspectors to inspect a “bread & butter” house up to around 2,400sf is about in the 2.5 to 3 hour time frame.

Quite truthfully, I’m basically lazy and I like quicker inspections also. HOWEVER, its not my goal to get sued AND most buyers feel cheated, ripped off, etc by the speedy gonzales type inspector that does the wham bam, thank you mamm / In and out at a dead run … to please a “Used House Commissioned Salesperson”.

Can you imagine a brain surgeon OR heart transplant surgeon bragging about how fast they crank out a surgery. When I hear inspectors talk that way about how fast they can do these and crank them out VS of how good they were, I wanta vomit.

3 hrs is NOT an unreasonable time UNLESS it was a 650sf condo on a slab … THEN we’re gonna ask WHAT the crap you’re doing in there?

Well put!
I could not have said it any better! I am in 100% agreement with everything that you have said.

I have been in this industry since 1972 and if memory serves me correctly you have been in longer than I have. I guess that’s us “old guys” thinking alike. :wink:

Frank … I’m so old I can still remember when there was only 1 national association and for FULL certification as a SENIOR MEMBER it took 1,000 verified inspections (you took your inspections in a box / boxes to a regional meeting and they were counted). Back then most of the guys bragged about how long it took them to get our 1,000 inspections. Today I hear guys complaining about how their dues check has been cashed last week AND they still can’t use the logo OR advertise they’re a FULL certified member AND I can’t decide if I wanta laugh OR cry OR go puke.

Other than I think Texas with their 448 hours of education (or 148 hrs of classes and other experience suitable to their board - like building, engineering, inspecting in another licensed state, etc) I believe in most states 60 - 120 hours of training qualifies a new guy or gal to get licensed as a home inspector. EVEN if they were just a dishwasher or computer software geek last month.

My GF is a massage therapist. They require 500 hours of school training of which about 100 hrs include hands on massage of a live person UNDER a licensed trainer. At 1 hr per massage thats about 100 massages prior to licensing.

So today I get really amused / or sometimes ashamed by our profession.

I got $835 of inspections to perform in Columbia and the real estate office sent me an email giving me a two hour time frame. I hope they are not telling the seller, I will be done in two hours. I would love to make $835 in two hours, though.