How long does an inspection take you..

How long does it take you guys to complete an inspection?

I am using HIP mobile and my inspections are taking me about 3 hours long for a 1500-1800 square foot home. If I’m just using a camera and not HIP mobile my inspection time is around 1-2 hours.

A thorough inspection with sufficient documentation to create a comprehensive and detailed report takes as long as it takes! There are many variables to consider, too many to get into here. Of course we will soon have the other side of the coin chiming in that if you take more than some small “X” amount of time then you don’t know what you’re doing. Those are generally the ones performing inspections using minimal SOP’s and procedures.

for 2000 square foot home. two and a half hours an hour and a half doing the report back at the office.I can do it quicker but I like taking my time.

I just completed a 55 year old home, 1900 sq.ft. using Home Gauge.
Onsite time = 1.5 hours.
Report writing time after inspection= 5 minutes.
There’s a home inspector here that takes 3 hours on site and 3 hours after the inspection using HIP.
Makes you wonder, doesn’t it???

have you ever lied before?give me a freakin break come on linas if I know you’re a liar and a cheat I give the guy the truth

I inspected a 14,000 sq. ft. church the other day. Took me 2.5 hours on site and 45 minutes on the report.
My inspection that afternoon was a 2,000 sq.ft. 15 year old townhome = 1 hour on site and 10 minutes to complete the report afterwards.
I report the facts, no fluff.
Do you drink while you’re finishing the report at home?
I did that in the past and it doubled and tripled my report writing time.
All reports done on Home Gauge Companion with a Samsung Note 1.

Thats really good time. So your basically doing the report all onsite. Are you also adding annotations and captions on your photos?

When I complete a report onsite with comments, photos, photo captions and annotations… its taking me about 3 hours. Sometimes even longer if I have to talk to the agent or client.
I am just wondering if it’s worth even doing the report onsite? It seems so much easier and quicker to do the inspections with a camera.

Hey Roy,
What is your process? Are you using just a camera? Also what software?

I was at an inspection and the agent mentioned that she used a company recently that did the report onsite and that after the inspection they printed out the report and put it in a binder. She wasn’t happy the company because it took them 3 hours to complete the inspection.
She said she didn’t like being there for so long. She didn’t care about the printed report in a binder onsite. She would have been just as happy with just PDF of the report.

I put away my iPad and took out my camera!! I was out of there in under 2 hours. She was happy.

I input data and take photos with Home Gauge Companion on a Samsung S-5. Also take photos with a Samsung Galaxy camera.

You have to determine the cause of problems on site which may take a little time.
Posting pictures on the message board and having out of work inspectors determine the causes of problems on the inspection is a sign of incompetence.

Annotations and comments are done with the Home Gauge Companion software onsite using voice to text.

The remainder of the report if completed and delivered the same day.

Taking too long on site will anger your Realtors (referrals) and cause you to lose lots of work.:wink:

It’s taking longer on HIP mobile than just with your camera because you haven’t got a good mobile reporting system down yet. Using HIP mobile takes me a little longer on site, but way less time at home. What always took me the most time at home was slotting the pictures in the right section of the report. With mobile, it’s already done when I get home.

It’s a matter of getting your template right, so you’re not scrolling through a bunch of comments looking for what you want. I went to my template, and at the beginning of each section, I put a “@@”. That tells me it will need me to put a custom comment in when I get home.

Using HIP mobile, my time on site is generally about 2 hours or so, and I spend about 30 or 45 minutes at home editing pics and making custom comments.

I’m not Linas-I don’t know everything there is to know about everything there is to know. I don’t think it’s a sign of incompetence to ask a question on the mb about a particular situation. I think it’s a sign of someone who cares about the accuracy of the information they are giving to their client.

You’ve come a long way Michael.
It wasn’t long ago that you became a home inspector, and it seems like within months, you were a Certified Master Inspector!!!
You’re simply amazing!!!

Thanks for recognizing my awesomeness, Linas, I’m still trying to convince my wife of that simple fact!

Let’s assume for a second you were partially correct. I started inspecting homes in 1993. I started performing paid inspections in 2004, and started my own business in 2010.

I didn’t join NACHI until 2012, and became CMI in 2014.

So yes, it was just months. About 96 of them!!

I still don’t know everything, so I sometime lean on more knowledgeable, experienced guys like you!! :smiley:

So you did these inspections for free?
You were a wannabe home inspector for 11 years??
No wonder your wife has doubts.

lol. I’ve never worked for free, since I was 14 yrs old.

pssst…Some inspection companies pay people to perform or help them perform inspections.

Think, Linas. It’s not that hard if you try. Just try to think of ways to help others, rather than ways to ridicule, and you will have success beyond your wildest dreams, plus it takes a lot less effort. Just re-direct all that negative energy into something positive, and the outcome will be yet even more positive.

It’s never harder to do the right thing. You don’t really even have to try. :wink:

P.S. If my life, and my past, really interest you that much, I’d be more than happy to send you a personal autobiography. Just keep plenty of tissues handy!!

That’s touching.

lol, just wait till you read my autobiography!! :mrgreen:

I’ll pass.
Thanks anyway.

Who cares how long it takes?

Your getting paid for your time to do a good report or a piece of crap!
How much do you want to get paid?

Oh, I see. You want to get paid premium prices and do a crap job…

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